Who is ECONS

Get to know: Edgar Leon

Stuff I Really Know About

  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Legal Research
  • Document Preparation

Gives Me Joy

I’m a foodie and passionate about traveling and learning about new cultures. Reading a good book and spending time with my family and friends also gives me joy!

My Current Assignment

I’m a regulatory affairs professional leading the legalization process of documents needed for the regulatory registrations of medical devices marketed globally.

My Superpowers

I’m a Licensed Attorney, Public Notary and trained Project Management capable of applying in various disciplines and industries.

Hello, my name is Edgar Leon from San Lorenzo, PR and I am ECONS.

I have been part of ECONS for about 4 years, contributing with my background in civil litigation and international and corporate business. In my current role, I lead the legalization process of documents needed for the regulatory registrations of the medical devices to market globally.

Within my Superpowers, I am: International Business

  • A Licensed Attorney and Notary Public 
  • Experienced in civil litigation, international and corporate business
  • Trained in project management methodologies

I love food, not only because of the culinary experience but also because it connects me with cultures and people. So, I am a foodie! I also enjoy traveling, reading, and spending time with people who add joy to my life: family and loved friends!

I am Edgar León and, with ECONS, I bring The Power of E to my client!

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