Effectiveness, Efficiency, Execution and Constant Evolution.

Excellence is a never ending, always pursuing goal. We believe that Effectiveness, Efficiency, Execution and constant Evolution power this pursuit. Our consulting offerings supports each of these elements.

Effectiveness in ECONS

Getting The Right Things

Strategic planning processes of a business; starting from the definition of goals, to the establishment of a balanced project portfolio.

ECONS Support:

  • Strategy Planning / G&O Development Facilitation
  • Project Portfolio Management systems and tools
  • KPI Process Optimization & Visualization

Efficiency in ECONS

Getting Things Right

Activities conducted to remove waste from the process; use of DMAIC tools and techniques to increase productivity.

ECONS Support:

  • Process Improvement White/Yellow Belt Programs (F.A.S.T.)
  • Process Value Stream & Capacity Assessment
  • Business Workflow design & digitalization
ECONS Solutions Based on Excellence

Execution in ECONS

Getting It Done

Deployment of skilled resources to put the strategic plan into reality, though operational or project activities.

ECONS Support:

  • Contract Resources (Project Management/Coordination, Validation, QA/QC, Process Engineering)
  • Governance and Auditing Processes

Evolution in ECONS

Getting Better

The processes to develop people in order to promote a continuous improvement culture.

ECONS Support:

  • Training & Development Planning
  • Employee Innovation and Recognition Programs
  • Team Building facilitation

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