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Get to know: Kaleb Ortiz

Stuff I Really Know About

I really know about solving technical problems and have gained experience in various industries such as pharmaceutical, insurance and accounting. I know about automating manual processes, data management and creating applications.

Gives Me Joy

Eating in new places with my wife and cooking for the people I care for.

Kaleb Ortiz - Software Engineer

My Current Assignment

I am currently working on creating or optimizing applications based on the Power Platform. I am also working as an IT consultant for clients.

My Superpowers

I am a natural problem solver and seeing how my technical solutions help other people motivates me.

Hi, my name is Kaleb Ortiz from Toa Alta, PR and I am!

I have been part of ECONS for almost 1 year. I am a Software Engineer.

Among my Superpowers I am:

  • Power Platform Developer
  • Process Automation
  • Database Administrator

What give me joy?

  • I love to eat in new places with my wife and share them on my food blog with my family and friends.

I am Kaleb Ortiz, and, with ECONS, I bring the Power of E to my clients.

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