Who is ECONS

Get to know: Maria Aviles

Stuff I Really Know About

  • Lean & Six Sigma
  • Quality Systems
  • Quality Engineering
  • Data Analytics

Gives Me Joy

Being a mom is what brings me most joy and purpose. I love watching nature and breathing the peace it provides me. I am also a skills collector: learning and growing as a professional and as a person.

project manager

My Current Assignment

Process Improvement and Data Analyst for an Integrated Maintenance Program in the public sector.

My Superpowers

Intellectual Curiosity, constantly gaining knowledge and skills. Six Sigma Black Belt and Quality Engineering certified and strong operational excellence background. My passion is my trademark

Hi, my name is Maria Aviles from Isabela, PR and I am ECONS!

I joined the ECONS team about a year ago, contributing with my experience in Industrial Engineering, Operational Excellence and Quality Systems. Currently, I am serving a Process Improvement and Data Analyst for an Integrated Maintenance Program in the public sector. As such, I make processes assessments through SAP data mining and analysis to provide improvement solutions.

Among my superpowers: Project manager

  • I possess Intellectual curiosity: an avid self-learning drive to constantly develop new relevant skills in me.
  • I hold certifications in Lean Sigma granted by multiple entities.
  • Vast Compliance and Continuous Improvement practical experience
  • Trained as Project Manager and Lean Master 

What gives me joy? First and foremost, nothing gives me more joy than being a mom; it give sense to every morning I wake up to. I also love the peace that I get from simply watching nature and relaxing my mind. In addition, enjoy collecting skills: learning new ones and putting them in practice for growth.

I am Maria and, with ECONS, I bring The Power of E to my client!

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