Who is ECONS

Get to know: Wanda I. Torres

Stuff I Really Know About

  • Quality System Management
  • Good Documentation Practices
  • QC/QA and Method Transfer
  • Process and Equipment Cycle Validations and Qualifications

Gives Me Joy

My family, friends, and my adorable puppy make me happy. Good food, new places and cultures excite me; the sea and good music relaxes my soul.

Process Improvement

My Current Assignment

I’m a Process Improvement and Data Analyst for a Maintenance Program in the public sector.

My Superpowers

I am a Licensed Chemist experienced in quality and compliance systems and skilled in data and documentation analysis.

Hello, my name is Wanda Torres from Ponce, PR and I am ECONS.

I joined the ECONS team 2 years ago, contributing with my background Chemistry, Quality Control and Compliance. I currently hold a role as Process Improvement and Data Analyst for a Maintenance Program in the public sector. As such, I facilitate collaborative efforts between the maintenance teams, internal support functions and external service providers in order expedite internal order processing and ensure the provision of service requirements for preventive and corrective plans in executed on time.

My Superpowers are: Process Improvement

  • I am a Licensed Chemist, trained in Project Management techniques
  • Experienced in Quality and Compliance Systems. 
  • Skilled data and documentation analysis
  • Quality approach to process improvement

I enjoy traveling and getting to know different cultures and cuisines. Spending time with my family, friends, and my adorable puppy. Also, I love to chill at the sea and listen to good music.

I am Wanda and, with ECONS, I bring The Power of E to my client!

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