Who is ECONS

Get to know: María Camila Andrade

Stuff I Really Know About

  • Regulatory affairs
  • International Business Law
  • Marketing
  • Project Management
  • International regulations of labeling, advertising, and product components

Gives Me Joy

Family time is my most valuable treasure. Having loved ones far away makes me value every moment with them more. I enjoy traveling, love animals and get energized by exercising early in the morning.

Process Specialist María Camila Andrade

My Current Assignment

I am a Process Specialist, and I am currently in charge of providing support in the drafting of consumer policies (adaptation and follow-up of the same); I also provide support in the creation, drafting, and correction of the company’s job aids.

My Superpowers

My Combined experience in international business law, marketing and negotiation, as well as my work ethics are my greatest strengths. I am honest, responsible, punctual and organized. I also thrive in self-initiative, fast learning, and problem solving.

Hi, my name is Maria Camila Andrade Cerquera originally from Colombia, now a resident of Bayamon PR and I am ECONS!

I have been part of ECONS for close to 1 year, contributing with my background in the legal field and as a document writer. In my current role, I provide support in the drafting of consumer policies as a Process Specialist in the Telecommunications Industry.

Among my Superpowers I am:

    • A lawyer, specialized in International Business Law
    • Trained in the Marketing and Neuromarketing fields
    • Experienced International Negotiator

What give me joy?

I treasure the time I can spend with my family because when you live far away, you value every moment with them more. I love to travel and see new places (even more if it is with my husband and family); I love to have different gastronomic experiences; I am an animal lover; I love to exercise early every day because it gives me energy.

I am Maria Camila Andrade Cerquera and, with ECONS, I bring the Power of E to my clients.

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