Instructional Document Writing

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Instructional Document Writing refers to a style of writing commonly employed in professional environments to effectively communicate relevant information to the reader with clarity, concision, and purpose. This form of writing encompasses various documents such as client proposals, memos, emails, reports, and notices. Mastery of business writing is essential for successful workplace communication.

What is instructional document writing?

Instructional documents can take many forms, such as user manuals, user guides, standard operating procedures (SOPs), tutorials, and online help files. They are used in a variety of industries, such as technology, manufacturing, healthcare, education, and finance.

The four main types of business writing are:

  • Instructional: Instructional documents provide guidance on the use of equipment or products, as well as troubleshooting procedures. These documents may include instructions on how to operate equipment, how to assemble a product, or how to fix an equipment issue. 
  • Informational Business Writing: Through the use of clear, concise language, informational writing provides insights and details that help the reader to better understand a particular topic. Examples of informational business writing include white papers, research reports, industry analyses, and company newsletters.
  • Transactional: Transactional business writing is essential for effective communication within a business organization. Examples of transactional business writing include business letters, emails, memos, and messages. 
  • Persuasive: The persuasive business writing style is utilized when the goal is to persuade the target audience, such as customers or investors. This type of writing is intended to influence the reader’s opinions, beliefs, or actions. For example, sales letters, proposals, marketing materials, and pitches.

What is the purpose of the quality management system?

The purpose of a quality management system (QMS) is to establish a set of processes, policies, and procedures that ensure that a company’s products or services meet or exceed customer expectations, as well as legal and regulatory requirements. 


ECONS supports process improvement activities based on the foundations of a strong Quality Management System (QMS), applicable to the private and public sectors. A healthy QMS requires standard and streamlined processes and controls that allow better-trained personnel to rely heavily on a robust documentation system.

At ECONS we can help you to identify roles and responsibilities related to data management, and to ensure that data is being handled in a compliant and ethical manner.

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