ECONS and Diaphoros building leadership through collaboration

ECONS and Diaphoros building leadership through collaboration

ECONS has collaborated with Diaphoros, through their outstanding Leader’s Academy, to challenge the leadership team of Ferries del Caribe and Marine Express.

Through this collaboration, ECONS and Diaphoros empower several organizations, such as Ferries del Caribe and Marine Express with practical applications of well-known and proven transformational leadership and supervisory tools and methods.

This collaboration is a natural fit; Diaphoros provides HR and Development Services as a strategic facilitator of leadership growth. ECONS brings their expertise in the process improvement methodologies, which helps business and operations leaders in the pursuit of excellence in their processes.

ECONS is an SBA 8(a) Business Development Program participant and NSMDC member, Management Consulting & Contracting partner whose business model is based on framing the work in structured methodologies and providing the best resources for strategizing and/or executing an improvement effort .

Our consultant, Alex Peña, contributes to this program by providing Yellow Belt Training in the Lean Sigma methodologies. Yellow Belt is one of the levels of the Lean Six Sigma hierarchy of certifications. It covers the foundation and basics of the DMAIC methodology. This certification will make them valued project team members and allow them to use their skills in their day-to-day job.

Participants go through two 8-hour sessions to identify operational waste, define the current scenario, conduct gap analysis, present findings, and implement solutions that promote improved process performance.

It was an honor to be trusted by Diaphoros to participate in this transformational and inspiring program. At ECONS, we desire much success to this team of exceptional leaders.

ECONS consultants possess the knowledge and basic practice of commonly used Six Sigma tools. We believe in Effectiveness, Efficiency, Execution, and constant Evolution. Make an appointment today, and let’s discuss possibilities.

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