Developmental Training: continuous employee capability building is investing in the growth of your business

Employee Training program in ECONSGROUP Puerto Rico

Developmental Training pursues the use of learning events to develop increased capabilities for your team members based on their skills, but also on the needs of the business. Through a robust training program, a company’s personnel can acquire specific knowledge or skills to perform better in their current functions, potentially improving your company’s productivity and overall motivation.

A training program that focuses on building capabilities development, not only at the employee inception point but throughout his/her career, is an investment in growth and future performance on the business.

How does Developmental Training benefit your employees and your business?


Simply put, proper training and development programs help you be core competitive. As the battle for the best talent becomes more competitive, employee training and development programs will help you retain the right people because it shows you care.

Hiring the best talent takes time and money. As companies grow and the war for talent intensifies, it is increasingly essential that training and development programs are competitive and support the organization in its defined strategic path.

That is why, at ECONS, defining a Developmental Training plan is part of creating a path to evolution towards Excellence. Developmental Training is proven to increase employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, and overall profitability.

At ECONS, we develop a customized Training program focused on improvement


The offerings of training programs and certifications are endless; in practice, training should be oriented to developing skills critical to improve your business, and/or the skills that your employees lack.

We do not seek to be a vast training material warehouse: we are focused on process improvement, project management, leadership, and personal effectiveness.

Our Training Programs offer is build based on the most common gaps we have observed and discussed with customers: what differentiates us is that we build or adjust our material to what is important to you and your teams.

This is why in the planning discussion between our consultants and the customer we bring our experience, both providing training but also (and maybe more importantly) applying it into our projects to provide an effective experience.

You can get information about the Developmental Training programs we offer at ECONS. However, because we prioritize the customization of training based on your needs, we suggest that you contact us by making an appointment.

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