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Any organizational design includes a defined plan

ECONS has specialists that identify the correct structure and development of a new project to drive substantial changes on your organization. An organizational design and structure involve baseline, design, plan and execution. A new business plan must be design according to structures and systems that respond to the business culture and also can be challenging.
There are many benefits to having an organizational design and model to follow. For example: Increased efficiency, more effective decision making, higher profits, motivated workforce and clarity for future challenges.
If you are looking a plan that help you to improve your workflow or to set new strategies or goals, you should consider an organizational design specialist.

An organizational design consulting is a way to:

Our specialists combine highly effective methodologies and tools to enhance a better-quality control on your workflows. We offer OpEx programs that covers topics as management and planning tools, metrics, performance measures, project management tools and systems for problem solving. To ensure a long-term improvement in a process we also offer internalization of concepts on your workforce.

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