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Planning and scheduling

Planning and scheduling are distinct but inseparable aspects of managing a successful project.

In order to create accurate production plans that allow manufacturers to react quickly to changes, it is important to have a production plan that is aligned with the material scheduling process.

What is the Difference between Planning and Scheduling?

Planning is the process of identifying all activities necessary to complete the project, while scheduling is the process of determining the sequential order of activities.

Scheduling is when a plan is assigned specific dates and a chronological order to the tasks. Planning is a prerequisite to scheduling because there is no way to determine the sequence until they are defined.

There are various reasons as to why planning and scheduling differ:

  • Project planning involves selecting the appropriate policies, project methodologies, and procedures required to deliver the project on time.
  • Project scheduling involves creating a document, it must be accessible to every team member, must be comprehensive and easy to understand.

In project management, both Project Plans and Project Schedules are critical documents for a project’s success. At ECONS, we have experts that can help you with a professional development scheme.

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