Business Process Management: a 360º approach to achieve excellence in business operations

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Business Process Management or BPM, combines a series of methodologies that focus on the improvement and control of business operations. It does so by providing an integral approach that optimizes processes, organization, information technology, and all the important areas for a business.

The goal behind implementing Business Process Management is to identify, evaluate, design, execute, document, monitor, and control the business processes required to run an operation.

Depending on the use or approach and its application, Business Process Management can be seen as a methodology, a strategic tool, or a set of technological tools.

Why should an organization explore Business Process Management to achieve excellence in business operations?


An organization could use this approach mainly because it comprises the set of processes, organization, and information technology used in any business, but also because the application is not a one-size-fits-all one; depending on the current scenario, the focus will be tailored accordingly.

In the past, most organizations have treated these three elements separately, creating a disconnect between these elements that is sometimes unbridgeable. In the medium or long term, companies face the consequences of these gaps through poor productivity and low morale within its team members.

The 360º focus of Business Process Management is a more realistic approach to modeling situations that could happen in organizations. Processes regulate an organization and give it life. Depending on how these processes are implemented, the organization’s life can be shorter or longer.

If a company knows its processes, it can then model, study, evaluate, and finally optimize them to meet the business objectives.

At ECONS, we define optimal processes for your business though assessment and collaboration with you.

At ECONS, our goal will always be to seek the path to excellence in every client and every area we work on. For that reason, the first thing we do is carry out a consulting approach with our clients that can take some days. This will allow us to know the reality of the business and look for improvement opportunities.

When we apply the Business Process Management methodology, we analyze the client’s internal processes and draw up a plan through which we offer the most appropriate tools to try to minimize the errors that they may have. This allows us to lead the way to the company’s success.

We want the processes that our clients carry out to work in the best possible way in terms of standardization and evaluation. This will help us guarantee the ideal organization and the satisfaction of our clients.

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