PMOs and the Power of the ‘E’?


The Project Management Office (PMO) should be the transformational roadmap in an enterprise that harnesses the 4 elements of ECONS slogan: “The Power of E”.  As cool as the slogan sounds (yes, we think it’s cool!), these elements have real implications for the ability of an enterprise to excel.

How can PMO promote Effectiveness, Efficiency, Execution, and Constant Evolution in an enterprise?



Is about “Getting the right things”, PMOs must have a seat at the strategic planning table. Understanding the background, the neuralgic needs of the business, and the short and long-term objectives can arm a PMO with the power to define a portfolio that directly “moves the needle” in the desired direction and weeding out activities that are not aligned with the strategy.

In a PR Government Agency, ECONS has worked to develop a map of the relationship between ongoing and planned projects and the strategy they support. We have found that in many instances, Project Managers and team members cannot link their efforts to the strategic plan. Workshops held with project teams have helped, not only create the linkage between projects and strategy but also create awareness on whether or not they have their priorities right.


“Getting things right”, Right in the sense of efficiency, with the least amount of process waste possible. PMOs have an important role in ensuring portfolios include the initiatives needed to improve process efficiency and that the consolidated impact is aligned with the overall company productivity goals. PMO can also lead the efforts of benefits realization through adequate controls.

PMOs must also ensure they are efficient. We have worked with customers digitizing PM processes. In one of our medical device clients and a pharmaceutical one, we developed data collection systems and dashboards for monitoring projects and minimizing the use of multiple data sources for collection and reporting.


Is, in the end, the materialization of a business aspiration – it’s about “getting it done”. This is the realm where the PMO and project managers work together to implement projects that deliver the benefits. The PMO provides the processes to monitor and control progress as a whole and help remove obstacles and minimize risks.

We have project teams in a wide range of sectors, executing enterprise-level projects such as Document Management System Implementation (Government), Mergers & Acquisitions (medical device and communications), validations and qualifications (pharmaceuticals), and contact center technology transformation (healthcare), among others, Also, Our consultants have improved the project on-time rate from 33% to 88% in a 2-year roadmap by implementing PMI principles to Project Management practices in the site.

Finally, the Evolution

“getting better”, PMO is a prime support function to develop the project management skills of your company members. In support of our customers, we have developed customized training capsules to help improve a general understanding of key elements of the project management discipline. Trained team members make better project execution and drive cultural transformation.


We are PMO fans! ECONS consultants can help you create or strengthen yours. We believe in Effectiveness, Efficiency, Execution, and constant Evolution. Make an appointment today, and let’s discuss possibilities.

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