Who is ECONS

Get to know: Eric Barbosa Lopez

Stuff I Really Know About

  • Data Analytics
  • Process Improvement
  • Digitalization Technology

Gives Me Joy

Spending time with my girlfriend, watching basketball games with my family, exploring new places and a long day at the beach.

Data Analytics Eric Barbosa

My Current Assignment

I am a process excellence consultant for multiple industries, supporting digitalization and data analytics projects.

My Superpowers

Computer Engineering with training in Lean Six Sigma. I can quickly grasp customer needs to bring them prompt solutions.

Hi, my name is Eric Barbosa from Bayamon, PR and I am Econs.

I have been with ECONS for over a year, during which, I’ve been sharing my knowledge and experience in data analytics, business intelligence and systems development. As such, I am currently contributing to various simultaneous projects in the public sector and medical devices industry, helping teams automate their processes and improve their ability to visualize key performance indicators.

My superpowers include: 

  • Computer Engineering
  • Data Analytics
  • Process Improvement through systems applications
  • Ability to quickly convert the business into technical requirements

What sparks joy for me? My family and friends. Exploring new places and trying out local restaurants is how I achieve work/life balance. It helps me recharge and at the same time enjoy new things. 

I am Eric and, with ECONS, I bring The Power of E to my client!

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