Who is ECONS

Get to know: Iris Mendez

Stuff I Really Know About

  • Data analytics
  • Process improvement
  • Project Management
  • Supplier and Manufacturing process
  • Quality Systems and Auditing

Gives Me Joy

Spending time with my family and friends, travelling, cooking, dancing and learning new cultures

Iriz Mendez Regulatory affairs consultant

My Current Assignment

I am a Regulatory Program Manager supporting Russian/CIS product licensing and new european regulations implementation in the medical devices industry.

My Superpowers

Excel at managing complexity, with a systematic approach to problem solving. Driven by metrics to keep processes in control.

Hello, my name is Iris Mendez from Utuado, PR and I am ECONS.

I have been part of ECONS for 2 years, contributing with my background in industrial engineering and business administration.  In my current role as a Regulatory Program Manager, I plan and strategize license registration updates for Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and new regulations in the European markets in the medical devices industry.

I bring the following Superpowers (regulatory affairs consultant):

  • Industrial Engineer with a Masters Business Administration
  • A systematic approach to problem-solving to avoid issue reoccurrence. 
  • Metrics-driven to keep processes in control 
  • Data analysis and insight for business decision making

Family and good friends bring me joy – time spent with them are memories to cherish forever. My passions? Cooking, dancing, traveling, and learning about new cultures. 

I am Iris and, with ECONS, I bring The Power of E to my client!

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